09/1994 De Bron + Mosbach

In the night from September 4th to 5th 1994 I drove John´s car to Holland. At 16:00 of September 5th I arrieved in De Bron. Here started the Conference for all new personal for the MV Doulos. In the first week I got to know some of you. About Javkhlan, Bulgan and Raffaelo I have notices in my diary.

On September 17th I drove a Van from Holland to Mosbach in Germany, while most of the new Crew went the same way by bus.
On September 18th, 6 of us went to Elke for coffee, later we played Cards “Blitz” – whatever that was?

On Monday we had a guided tour through Mosbach.

Rathaus von Mosbach

On Friday, September 23rd 1994 I had a haircut by Caroline. Who else got a haircut by Caroline? Please let me know.

And please let me know,

if it is okay for you,

if I post some old photos in the coming month.

With love and greetings,






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