09/1994 Poggio Ubertini

20 years ago, on September 27th 1994 we went by bus from Mosbach to Poggio Ubertini, near Firenze, Italy. We went by Stuttgart, Konstanz, St. Gallen St. Bernhard, Como and Milano.

We arrieved at 23:00 and it was rather cold and unusualy wet for Tuscany.

Around 50 of us had some Training in order to get to know life on board the MV Doulos.

I remember many walks with Javkhlan, jogging with Pedro and shopping with Jimmy.

The house had a rooftop terrace, where i spent the mornings to see the sun rise.

Next to the venue, there was a nice Villa with a beautiful garden. Signora Kiki, the owner allowed me to sit on one of their benches, whenever i wanted.

Also we had time to walk among the many vineyards, so typical for Tuscany scenery.

I just checked Poggio Ubertini in the web and found out that it is still a very active place for conferences and other meetings, they have some events scheduled already for 2015. When i looked at the photos, it seems so unchanged in this 20 years.

Please let me know your own experiences in Poggio Ubertini,

let us compare notes 🙂




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