10/1994 MV Doulos in Naples

It was in the summer of 1988 when I first heard about the MV Doulos, a Floating Library on the oldest ocean-going Ship of the world. And I heard that they are always in search of new people, volunteers who work in the different departments of the ship.

De Bron in Holland, Mosbach in Germany and Poggio Ubertini in Italy, all these were steps towards the real work on the MV Doulos.

On October 12th 1994, after another busride we arrieved in Naples to see the MV Doulos. Martin van Austria was there to welcome me, he was one of the very first Austrians to work on that ship. Martin made the first ship-tour for me in order to find my work- and livingspace.

After working as a salesman for 10 years, the plan for me was, to start in the Bookexebition. But it came different. George Barathon asked me if i was willing to become the Fireman, a Position urgently to be staffed. Because of my extra training in a fire department, i was qualified to cover that position.

Already on the second evening, the famous “book-containers” arrieved and needed to be unloaded.

On sunday October 23rd 1994, Holger invited me to visit the MS Berlin, the german version of the “Love-Boat” called “Das Traumschiff”. He knew a man called Herbert, who was part of the Crew. So many times i watched the Traumschiff on TV, now I was able to be on board and see many places visitors would not be allowed to go.

We stayed in Naples until October 31st.




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