11/1994 Doulos in La Spezia, Italy

November 23rd to December 5th

La Spezia is part of the Region Liguria with the famous touristic place called Cinque Terre.

However, the town itself is not very attractive, and better known for it´s naval port, dockyard and industrial areas. That´s why the MV Doulos was there even before it became the world´s largest floating bookshop.

Together as the deck-department we went to visit the Naval Museum and I was surprised to see Ships from the former Austrian-Hungarian-Navy. Yes, until a hundred years ago, Austria had access to the sea.

Douloi in La Spezia

Douloi in La Spezia

Among the 19.279 visitors we had in La Spezia, there were 4 young people from Austria. Monika was with the Company before and brought her friends Christian, Jürgen and Annemarie. Christian joined the ship later and was able to work a few years on Doulos, Logos 2 and even on LogosHope. I just met him in May at a common friends wedding.

MV Doulos in the Mediterranean

MV Doulos in the Mediterranean







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