11/1994 Sister Ships in Toulon, France

“On course together”

was the theme of the meeting of

MV Doulos and MV Logos2

The Logos2 crew was waiting already on the Quayside,

when Doulos arrieved in Toulon, France on November 2nd of 1994.


For sure, for those on the ship for more then a few weeks, this event was much more an Excitment as for us, who just joined.

We saw many visitors from Germany and Switzerland, and a few from Austria. Edwin and Rick came to visit me with their truck and we had a Sandwich and a coke in Town together.

A few of us got to know a Group of friends, which i called the “Clique Toulon”. Among them were Lilou, Franck, Chantal, Gill, Isabell and a few others. They came to the ship almost every day and a few of us got to know Toulon with them.

Clique ToulonAlso “Lucky” from Vienna, who lived in Toulon, came a few times to the ship. He decided to follow Jesus, and we wished him to be lucky with Jesus. Sadly, with all these visitors I lost contact, sometimes I wish they would find me here on this blog.

On course together
The foto above became very famos, on November 22nd 1994 both ships left Toulon together, departing for two different continents.




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