12/1994 – 01/1995 Limassol, Cyprus

On December 31st of 1994 we arrived on the Island of Cyprus. On the very first day, an Austrian lady, who is married to a man from Cyprus, came on board and invited some crew members to their home. The very next day, on January 1st of 1995, Lars, Marion and I had a lovely time with Conny and her family. With Viennese Waltz and chocolate cake we had a nice turn of the year.


On Saturday, January 7th, another 3 of us went for an outing with Conny and her kids (photo).

22 letters i got on January 9th and i think this record of mail is still unbroken. Because of Email in our days, I think this record will not be beaten in my lifetime.

After leaving Cyprus, we had a short technical stop in Port Said, Egypt, only to wait for the passage through the Suez Canal. Thankfully the friendly people of Cyprus bought so many books that we could afford the fee for the transit.






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