12/1994 Doulos in Valletta, Malta

December 9th to 21st

Good evening Mr. President!

Yes, it was the president of Malta, Mr. Ugo Mifsud Bonnici, who did the Official Opening of the Book Exhibition in Valletta, Malta. By the way, MV Doulos official port of registry was Valletta too. Mr. George de Gaetano had been the ship´s legal representative for the Doulos for 17 years, recently his nephew Michael took over this function.

MV Doulos in the Mediterranean

MV Doulos in the Mediterranean

To sail into the port of Valletta itself is a great experience, maybe one of the most magnificent ports in the world. Sandstone colored buildings shine golden in the sun.

I am still looking for photos from that days.

Personally I met another president. Mr. Daniel M. was a member of parliament and for a few mounth he used to be interim president of Malta. Mr. Daniel came to the ship to join a workshop about reading and writing.

When we met, he invited me to his home and family. I could even bring 3 friends to see how a maltese family is living. Marion, Sally and Pedro joined me on this special invitation. Their house was tremendous, but their hearts were simple, kind and welcoming. The library was the center of the house.

We had grapes, dried fruits,  bread rolls and a glas of red wine. Many friends of them came around to meet foreigners from Austria, Switzerland and South Africa. Late at night Mr. Daniel brought us back to the ship, recounting the history of Malta on the way.

in Valletta, Malta

in Valletta, Malta




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