01/1995 Djibouti and a new horizon

After leaving Cyprus we had a very short stop in Port Said, Egypt, lining up to form a convoy of ships, heading through the Suez Canal  southward. Because the MV Doulos was such a white ship, we were chosen to lead the convoy of the day.

We also had the slowest speed and it was fun, once we left the Suez Canal, seeing most of the other ships overtaking and pass us.

For us there was a new horizon, the Indian Ocean should be our home for the coming year.

We had another short stop outside of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. We anchored to refuel heavy oil at a good price. While refueling I was on fire watch. And, to our surprise, we got mail again. I personally got 10 letters.

others live in palaces

others live in palaces

Many people find it hard, to locate Djibouti on the world map. I can not remember any news about this small African republic. There is even a saying in Austria, when someone doesn´t want to tell you where he has been, he would say “I´ve been to Djibouti”. Meaning that “you do not need to know where I was”. In fact, many people who use this saying, do not know that Djibouti really exists.

But Djibouti was our first visit in Africa. And it was a nice visit and we met many nice people. Most people are poor and live in simple houses, some are very rich and live in palaces.

The port was so near to the beach, that we could go swimming a few times. Once we went to the beach as deck-departement, another time with Markus, Gunnar and Trygvi and a 3rd time with Pedro and a Hungarien from the French “Légion Ètrangére”.




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