02-03/1995 Bombay/Mumbai, India

I can not remember who took this pictures, but I know, that in Bombay I was busy to renovate Fire Station #3


It seems that we got this new red lockers on the last day in New Mangalore. Because on the voyage to Bombay (since 1996 Bombay is called Mumbai) I was already busy with them in the Fire Station.



There were other highlights in Bombay.

On March 7th we went by boat as a small group to an island called “Elephant Island”. Among others there were Grace, Kim Fah and Gerit (or Gareth?) I shall ask Gareth Bolton if this was him. Also i will ask Lukose if he was with us. In comparison with the megacity, the island was very rural. We went to visit a school and a few families. We haven´t seen any elefphant but many monkeys.

Funny to see was a viennese Cafe in Bombay, called “Cafe Leopold”. Markus and Pedro went there with me.

The 3 of us also went to Lonavala by train. On the way we saw a beautiful Canyon landscape. Unfortunatly we did not have much time and had to go back the same day.

From March 14th to 16th, 8 of us went by train and bus to the Maritime Training Institute to undertake a Fire Fighting Course.

I wonder if we could find at least a few of this 8 Douloids from that group, please help me on this.






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