03-04/ 1995 Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

Abu Dhabi was our first port in the United Arab Emirates. We all experienced a big difference to India.


We arrieved in Abu Dhabi on March 27th 1995. Somehow I got to know a couple from Germany, who were working in the construction industry. They invited 3 of us for a trip in the desert to see an official camel race. I remember that Sigrid and Martina went with me.


With the same couple, Markus, Sigrid and I could make another trip in the desert. That time we could see how the camels live with their cameleers. On April 5th as deck departement we went to a beach called “Breakwater” , who can remember this day? I don´t have a picture of this, but just now I found a picture from our key-group, which was taken around the beginning of 1995:


I am glad, that Adrian, Issam and Jerome started to publish fotos from that time too. And I wish that many more of you would do so 🙂

There was another port where we could go for a day. This one was called Jebel Ali. There we stayed only for 12 hours to load a few containers of new books.




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