04-05/1995 Dubai

April 26th to May 8th, 1995


Dubai was our last port in the UAE.


Only 49 years ago, Dubai was not more than a Bedouin community. This changed a lot since the discovery of oil in 1966. Beside of all the modern development, some Areas are still the way the used to be since many centuries.

Bakery in Dubai A.D. 1995

Bakery in Dubai   A.D. 1995

Unfortunatly something very strange happened with my photos from Dubai. When i came to the store to pick up the developed photos, the man told me, that my film was not a real film and so there are no photos at all. I bought that films in India and the looked very real to me. Since that time, i have the feeling, that the store-owner kept the photos for himself. In times of Internet this would not make sense, but 20 years ago, good photos were worthwhile.

So i don´t have any photo of all the new buildings which were already there in 1995. It would be fun, to compare them with Dubai in 2015.

After Dubai we set sail for a voyage of 8 days.





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