05/1995 Victoria, Seychelles

 15. – 29. May 1995



For sure, the Seychelles have been a very special place to visit for us.

First of all, it was very different to the past areas like India and the Persian Golf.

There we were not allowed to look at the opposite sex, now we had to kiss 3 times in order to greet each other.

Of course, the paradisian countryside. Coming from the Arabian desert to the green Island, where it rains 3 times a day.


Also we had all the freedom to share the Gospel in the Seychelles.

In my job as the fireman I was able to get to know men from the local firestation. They were so excited about our ship, that we organised a fire drill on board.




Also the National Library came and spent its yearly budget on the ship. The International Night went well and I was able to get to know an Austrian, who was working and living on the Island. The next day he came and invited me to a round-trip.


Another day, Pedro and I went up the highest mountain of the Island. Little more then 1000 m seams not so high, but is high when you start at sealevel. From the top we could have a nice few.


The second week in Victoria was the so called Sabbath-week. We had off from our regular job and spent more time in reading and listening. Also we could have a good time of fellowship, outings and regeneration.







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