06-07/ 1995 Mtwara, Tanzania

Shortly after we arrieved in Mtwara, I was able to go on my first A-Team. Together with Javkhlan, Harald, Giuseppe, Cosmos and Gunnar we went to a city called Newala. Gunnar was a good driver, but because of the poor road we needed more then 6 hours for the distance of 139 km.


In Newala, Mr. Mtuga was our host and Cosmos was translating. We could stay in a local house, eat the local food and experience live in the local community.


There was an Anglican church, where we could share our stories, listen to their own and have good times of fellowship.


Live seems simple, but especialy in the kitchen we could see how time-consuming the daily routine can be.


In this one week we also went to see the municipal government, a medical college and a small airport, from where we could look over the border to Mozambique. But most of all, we just met people on the streets and at the markets.

On the way back, we took a break in another village. Suddenly a crowd of people were around us and wanted to know, why we came to Tansania. Patiently we explained about the Doulos and her longtime goals.


Very soon the police came and we had to follow them to the police station. Now we needed to be patient. The head of the station explained that there will be no decision made before the political elections in october. Fortunatly we could explain him our purpose to be in the country and in HIS village. When we left, we knew of a new friend.





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