07-08/1995 Richards Bay, South Africa

19 July – 1. August 1995

Richards Bay was our first port in South Africa, a country where we spent almost 4 month.

Basically I was working around the ship, keeping all the fire fighting equipment up to date. Also I did some training with Mickavel and Prakasch, who just joined the ship. I have some notes in my journal, that on July 21st the paintraft got lost and it took some effort to rescue it.

Only one day I had off and was able to join a small group for an outing. Benny, Sean, Martin, Albert, Andre, Martina, Wilco and one other person, whose Name I can not read anymore, were in the Doulos-Van with me.


Together we went to the National Park and Game Reserve “Hluhluwe iMfolozi”, where we could see typical African Wildlife.  Antelopes, giraffes, zebras and rhinos were among them. In the Hilltop Hotel and Camp we could buy some postcards.





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