11/1995 Port Louis, Mauritius

8 – 27 November 1995


To see the Island of Mauritius after a voyage of 8 days was a very special moment. Little I knew about the ethic mixture of the population. More than half of the people have a background from India. The language is a mixture of Hindi, English, French and Creole, which is a mixed language itself.  The interest in the MV Doulos was enormous. Out of the 1,2 Million inhabitants came around 10% to see the ship and buy books.

The visit to Mauritius resulted in 123.236 book exhibition visitors:


Because of so many visitors, we all worked additionally, mainly in areas beside our duties. The most needed function was to help in the crowd control. Not only to bring water to the waiting people, but also to give them first hand information about the ship and her workers.


In the 2 and a half weeks of our stay, i had some time to visit and get to know local people. Hitch hiking was easy and by doing this, the drivers were our first friends. They invited us to their homes and drove around the island with us. A young businessman made for us a tour in a sugar-factory. With one family i could go to see the famous park “Pamplemousses”:



Two times I was able to swim at the beach called “Trou aux Bich”, in the North West of the Island. Once I met 3 couples from Austria, the other day, I met Mister Africa from 1995:



At the end I can say, that I was able to come around most of the island. I hope that many of you will have great memories on Mauritius too.





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