12/1995 – 01/1996 Port Mormugao, India

15 December 1995 – 08 January 1996

Vasco da Gama


Happy New Year from Goa.

In general I was busy as the fireman. We got new hydrant cabinets and I had to mount them on the walls. Christof, Thomas and other welders helped me in this job. The painting of this boxes also took a lot of time.

For one week I was able to go on an A-Team. Together with Thomas, Joy, Jenni and Julia, I went to Tivim, about 50 km north of Vasco da Gama. In Tivim we stayed with Matthew and his family. Many times we went to the famous marketplace in Mapusa, where I took the picture of the lady with a laugh. Among all the bags you will find her child too.

To stay for a week with a local family was a real good experience. We used mosquito nets to sleep under and had to do our loundry by hand. We learned to cook Indian food, used local buses and motorbikes.

We held meetings for children, youth and families, a highlight was to spend New Year´s Eve as an internationl group. On the mentioned marketplace in Mapusa we sold books for a few rupies.


For two days we went to the beach of Goa. Not only to swim, but to see how many westerners spend long holidays in Goa. They were from all over the world and enjoyed nice sunshine but also cheap drug consumtion. Sad to say, that many of them are disillusioned and not anymore able to withstand in a world of competition and a scale of achievement.

Near the beach is also a famous flea market, where you can dress yourself in the style of the first hippie generation. This flea market is like a little colony within a colony of a colony.

On the way back to the ship, Matthew joined us with his extended family. This time we hired a bus, because so many wanted to see the MV Doulos.