09-10/1995 Cape Town, South Africa

September 14th – October 18th 1995

“Holiday and Hard Work” could be the theme of my Memory about Cape Town.

klenglishThe first Impression of Cape Town was just wonderful. Coming from the sea towards the City with the fabulous Table Mountain as a backdrop was just astonishing. The waterfront is colourful and welcoming. Because of so many workers from South Africa on board, the welcoming from their friends and familes was great too.


Sonja and Heinz joined the ship in Port Elisabeth and sailed with us to Cape Town. After the mooring station at 07:00 on September 14th, a week of holiday started for me. Heinz and Sonja rented a car, booked some B&B and Markus and I could join them, driving around the Western Cape. First thing to do was of course to climb up the Table Mountain.


We had a nice place to stay, called the guesthouse “Schoonzicht” with Mrs. Sharon being a friendly host and a good cook.


After meeting some relatives from Heinz and Sonja, we went off to explore the Western Cape. Famous in the wine region are places like Küstenbosch, Stellenbosch and Paarl.


Also the Western Cape National Park was a great place to see.

klenglishAnd, the Highlight of course was the visit to the Cape of Good Hope.


In Stellenbosch we also had a nice place to stay, called the wedge farm.


Later, when I was back to work again, I had another opportiunity to visit Stellenbosch. Humberto had friends who live there and we were able to visit them too.


On this day , I was at the Cape of Good Hope a second time.


“Holiday and Hard Work” I said at the beginning. What was now the hard work? On October 2nd we moved the ship from Victoria Port to dry dock for the coming 2 weeks.


Dry dock means more working hours, for example from 07:00 to 21:00, for some people even more. As the fireman, I was also audited by an inspector.

The reason for this are the enormous costs in the dockyard. So we tryed to keep the time in the dock short. The costs are anyway the reason why there are so many craftspeople on the M.V. Doulos. Many other ships just run 11 mounth of the year, and then be maintained in the expensive dry drock. On Doulos we did the maintainence all around the year, only the mandatory works were done in dry dock.




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