10/1995 East London, South Africa

20 – 31 October 1995

After one more then a month in Cape Town, we left this beautiful City on October 18th. After two days at Sea we arrived in East London, the 5th port in South Africa.


In East London I had the opportunity to go on my second A-Team. This time we were 7 and our base was in King Williams Town. There we were blessed  and touched by the generosity of the local people. We could live in private houses, Rick and I had a house by our own, because the owner was abroad. Also we were given 2 cars, petrol included, to move around KWT for 9 days.


During this 9 days we had 29 meetings in schools, churches, universities, orphanages and a prison. Many times we were invited for lunch or dinner and could enjoy good South African food and hospitality. In Bisho we had lunch with a group of businessmen and politicians.


Some of these meetings were planed, others more spontaneous. I remember a huge group of Taxi-drivers, who wanted to know “everything about our ship”.


I am still greatful to Mrs. Elbi, Mrs. Nathalie (on her farm we saw springbok antelopes), Mr. Ross and many families who were so generous to us. I wonder, if this article could find his way to King Williams Town and find some of the people, who were involved with our Team, that time in 1995.




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