11-12/1995 Toamasina, Madagascar

29 November – 5 December 1995

A voyage of 48 hours brought us from Port Louis on Mauritius to Toamasina on Madagascar. The fourth largest island in the world reminded me of a dream, which lay back almost 10 years. In 1986 I visited the Canary Islands, where my love for islands began. So I had the dream to visit Madagascar next. That time I hesitated for lack of French language skills. To come to Toamasina with the M.V. Doulos was a dream come true for me.


The only disappointment was, that we where there such a short time. Fortunatly a weekend was within this 6 days, so I was able to visit a small village about 60km south of Toamasina. Only the translater knew the way and the name of the place.

On the way there we broke all records I knew in how many people would fit in a Van. Many oncles and cousins wanted to join our ride and when we reached the village we were 19 people on 9 seats 🙂

One more highlight was a visit to the main fire station of Toamasina. Because we got recently a set of new fire fighting equipment, we were able to donate some of our used things to them. For the local firebrigade this was still very modern.





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