01/1996 – 02/1996 Calcutta, India

The shortest visit of a country with the MV Doulos was on January 11th 1996.

We arrieved in Colombo, Sri Lanka at 03:30 and left already at 14:30 The reason for this short visit was the better price for heavy oil. Because I was the fireman, I was allowed to go ashore. Later on, when I started to count visited countries, Sri Lanka counted too, because I walked up and down the quay. Beside the Industrial Habor, we did not see much of the country.

January 13th I mentioned also in my diary. From that day on, I worked together with Rolf who became my successor, the next fireman.

Calcutta, India

17 Jannuary – 15 February 1996

Most of the time I was busy at the fire department. Still working on the new boxes and later I started a special job. The emergency exit from the engine room to the aft store needed some new painting. Before doing so, I had to work with the needle gun for a few weeks to clean this rarrow shaft from rust. A foto from the completed work shall follow.


Only for a weekend I was able to visit the countryside. Together with Bill and Yoko, I went to visit a village called Falta, 50 km down the river Hooghly.


One memorable fact to recognise the poor from the rich, I got to know in Falta. It´s all about shoes, if you have a pair of shoes, you are considered to be a rich person.


A rich person, having more then one pair of shoes:


To leave Calcutta on the Hooghly River was an adventure again. Not only the weather condition, but also a strike of the river pilots delayed the departure. The fresh air at sea, after a mounth in one of the most polluted cities of the world, was worth to renew an attitude of gratitude.