02/1996 – 03/1996 Phuket, Thailand

As promised, here is the photo of my main task for many weeks:


The emergency exit from the engine room to the aft store was full of rust and needed some overhaul. It took me weeks to take the rust away and a few days to attach white paint in this narrow shaft. Years later I wonder how long or short this project did obtain in this state.

20 February – 5 March 1996

From February 20th, we where at anchor out of Phuket, Thailand. In the morning of Feb. 21st, Markus woke me via phone from the bridge. The reason for the occupation of the perth was in sight. The German “Traumschiff” MS Berlin was next to our ship. The MS Berlin and other ships like her were the reason, why we could not have the perth permanently. Every now and then we had to leave and stay at anchor.


Because Phuket is such a touristic place, it was rather difficult for us crew to get to know people without being seen as tourists. One businessman invited the crew to use the pool of his hotel, which I did once. I remember that Christof´s family came to visit him. Together with his brothers we went to the beach and to an Austrian Restaurant. This place to eat was designed like a “Schihütte” and located on one of the top floors of a highrise building.


I think, only those, who went to local churches were able to get to know local people, who were not along the many profiteers we met on the streets and on the beach.