04-05/1996 Kuching, Malaysia

18 April to 7 May 1996


Kuching – Sarawak, East Malaysia


More then 50.000 visitors came to see the MV Doulos in Kuching, many meetings were held and many books sold. Some of us were able to visit and even stay a few days in so called long-houses. Christof and his group went to stay in a timber camp, where he was able to fix a maschine, which did not work since more then a year.


Personaly I was working on the ventilation system of the ship in context with the new firefighting plan. Only once I was able to go to an outing. Together with Sakae I went to the Bako National Park, where I took the picture above. There are many so funny rocks along the coast. Also it was great to hike in a rainforest and swim in a crystal clear sea. Our little boat had an engine failure and filled itself with water. Fortunatly someone was missing us (or the boat at least) and another boat came to resque us.