05-06/1996 Legazpi, Philippines

31 May – 18 June 1996

Legazpi is the capital city of the Albay province in the Bicol region of the Philippines.


Mount Mayon is an active volcano with a height of 2.462m. Normaly he looks peaceful and calm, but sudden eruptions in the past have always killed hundreds of people.




While the ship was in the port of Legazpi, I had the chance to be on an A-Team in the Bicol region. We went to see many small island and villages.


The way to go to the villages was always an adventure.


The hospitality of the people was just great. I have so many names written in my diary and I wonder if any of them will read this page. Norma, Bette, Bin, Noel, Rico, Romeo, Ingo, Laovenia, Chat and Elein were some of them who accompanied us.


The churches had melodious names as “Jesus for the world”, “Light for the world” and “Jesus Christ ministry”. Many times we were invited to share our faith in God.


To be with the local peole all the time was a great experience. In every village we first went to the mayor, this is tradition and shows respect.


The people of the Bicol region are manly fisherman and so we ate fish 2 times a day.


When we came back to the ship, about 30 people accompanied us. For them, everything on board the Doulos was just luxury. Water from the tap, aircondition and carpets. Only the food, they liked not so much as their own.