05/1996 Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

09 May – 28 May 1996


Kota Kinabalu was, from the perspective of the traveler, one of the greatest places in my

2 Doulos – years.


Three highlights stand out in the short visit to Sabah, East Malaysia.


May 19th 1996

The yacht “Ji Fung” was next to the MV Doulos. The captain from the Ji Fung went to visit our captain with a request. His crew was not here yet, but sailing guests are coming on board the next day. If our captain would be willing to borrow a team for a day of sailing?

Thanks to our captain that he did, and that I could be part of that crew. So, early morning we were given a training session and soon the guests came on board.

We had just a great day, doing different duties, we were assigned to. We got a nice meal and saw such a wonderful scenery, some small islands and the coastline south to Kinarut. To our satisfaction, the guests did not notice, that we all did this job the first time in our life.





On May 20th a group of us went to swim on the island Pulau Sapi. Friends and family of Shella rented a boat to get there with us. We did snorkeling and saw lots of colorful fish. Thank you Shella, if you read this, greetings to you and your family.


A two days hike (May 24+25) brought us up to the Mount Kinabalu. We started at about 1800m and arrieved at 3800m the same day.



Next morning we started at 04:00 and arrieved at 05:00 at the peak.


Early enough to see the sun coming up at 06:00


A special thanks goes to Family Lee in K.K. There hospitality was enormously. They came to pick us up from the ship, went to restaurants with us. We had food in their home, the came to pick us up, when we came down Mount Kinabalu. The went to the beach with us, drove us in the rainforest towards Tambunan and became realy good friends. I am so glad, that later on they visited me in Austria and that we still keep in touch via Email and Facebook. Thank you so much.


Appropos “E-Mail” … it was in Kota Kinabalu, on May 9th 1996, when I first wrote emails! My first three emails went to Jutta (Wycliff), Colin and Pedro.