06-07/1996 Subic Bay, Philippines

20 June – 19 July

In 1992 one of the largest US military base worldwide closed in Subic Bay. For decades this base was the economic support for the region of Olongapo City.

When we came there in 1996, we were confronted with a crisis of economy, but welcomed with warm hearts of the Philippine People.

When I look for Subic Bay now, I can see, that in the meantime the whole area of the naval base was converted into a recreation center, not only for the local people, but also for the nearby megacity of Manila.


After more then 1,5 years working as the fireman, I started to rewrite the fire management guide book. This took many talks with Steve and Bryce, the officers as well as the engineers. The most important fact was to know the ship in every detail. What should be done in any case of emergency. Sometimes I wonder if this guide was still in use until the MV Doulos retired by end of 2009.

Also I did some training for new recruits in the firemen team and worked close with Rolf, my successor.

As deck department we went for an outing to the “White Rock Hotel” and with Christof and Thomas I was able to visit a warship from the US Navy. During our stay we also could see a submarine coming out of the depth. From both ships, sailors and marines came to visit the Doulos and we organised ship tours for them.

Evenings a few of us went to visit the only open Pub called “Vascos”, named of course after Vasco da Gama, the portuguese explorer and decorated in marine style. Again, meanwhile are many places called by that name in Subic Bay.