07/1996 Shanghai, China

24 July – 30 July 1996

  • July 25th 1996 … Official Opening on MV Doulos: I waited in vain for the Austrian Consul. For this I had a good talk with the director of an University Library.
  • July 26th 1996 … Christof and I went up on the Oriental Pearl Tower. With 468m this used to be the highest building 20 years ago. We went to the viewing terrace at 263m.
  • July 27th 1996 … International Night in the “Majestic Theatre Shanghai”. I took part in the Doulos costume parade with a typical Austrian jacket.

International Night

  • July 28th 1996 … Went to the Shopping Center “friendshipstore” and walked up and down the so called “Pepsi street”.
  • July 29th 1996 … Unloading a truck of food
  • July 30th 1996 … City tour by bus (People`s Square, Shanghai Museum, Chinese Gardens, …)

To leave the city on the river Yangtze was so spectacular, that i remained at the bow until midnight.