08 – 09/1996 Nagoya, Japan

22 August – 18 September


In Nagoya I was so grateful for a week´s holiday. Together with Javkhlan and Sakae we went to Sakae´s home and family. Together with them, we had excellent food and good fellowship. We got to know many of his friends, church and youth group.


Four of us went up to the Mt. Fuji. Starting at midnight, we were on top of this beautiful mountain at 04:30 hours. By using a gas cooker, we prepared some hot noodless in a heavy rainy and foggy atmosphere. Sorry to say the truth: we were up on the top, but could not see the stunning beauty which I see on so many photos of Mt. Fuji. But I can say, that I have been on top of the 3.776 m highest mountain of Japan. When we came down, we went to Japanese bath, in order not to become ill. But also to relax after this exhausting tour.


Regarding work on the ship, I noted, that we got a new water pipe in the engineroon, which I had to paint. And also we got many new hydrant boxes, which I painted in the ferrari red color. Also I worked a lot with Rolf and Jan, explaining all the work I did over the past 2 years. We did some training with smoke bombs and tested the emergency systems together.


On the weekend 9/10 September I was in a team to visit a church in Shinshiro, about 90km away from Nagoya, where we stayed overnight in a library. There were also some people from Brazil, who invited us for lunch and BBQ.