09-10/1996 Kowloon, Hong Kong

26 September – 11 October 1996


On October 11th, Markus and Christof went with me to the airport Kai Tak. That time we knew already that this airport will be closed in a few years, what happened in 1998. I was at the airport a few days before to accompany Christof´s friends.


My flight from Hong Kong left at 09:30 for Tokyo, Japan

David and Esther came to visit Christof and invited me too for Häagen Dazs icecream and a snack at Planet Hollywood.


When Doulos arrived in Hong Kong on September 26th, I was able to explore the MTR (metro) immediatly. On a day off, I went with Rolf to Hong Kong Island. There was a cable car up to Victoria Peak (552). From there we had a great view on Hong Kong, had some icecrem again and could see the ship in further distance.


You can see the MV Doulos in Kowlon, Hong Kong

The way down we walked through Parks and Forests. On Doulos I remember serving a day for a business people meeting. In the firestation I did some cleaning and concluding work to hand over my workplace to Rolf.


I finished the maintance-book and the firefightingplans. My two years´ service on the MV Doulos with “Gute Bücher für Alle” came to a close. I am no longer a fireman, but good books are with me ever since 🙂