10/1996 Honolulu, Hawaii

My final days on MV Doulos:

September 20th … Deck department party in the mess: my farewell speech along with Javkhlan, Lukose, Vargeese and Timo.

October 7th … small farewll party in Room 8

October 8th … went to Macau, as I mentioned in the previous article

October 9th … packing

October 10th … two fire alarms (duty officer report to the bridge)

October 11th … at 07:00 Markus and Christof went with me to the airport


11 October – 14 October 1996

October 11th

  • … at 09:30 my flight left Hong Kong and arrived in Tokyo at 14:30
  • … at 19:30 my flight left Tokyo
  • … because we crossed the International Date Line …
  • … I arrived Honolulu the same day 07:30 !


After spending a long time at the immigration office, I found a simple hotel and booked for three nights. The first way was to the beach and in the telephone directory I looked for the church. This was all on Friday 11th October – a very long day for me.

On saturday I went up to the “diamond head vulcano crater”, from there I took the picture above on Honolulu. Then i met Mr. P.J. who worked in his garden. He told me a lot about living on the Hawaian Islands. Next to his house was a Wedding chappel, there was a performance of the play “Open my heart Lord”.

On sunday, 13th october I went to the “city of refuge church”, where I could stay for lunch. Late afternoon I went to the beach one more time.


On monday, after breakfast in the hotel, I went to the airport again. This time heading for Los Angeles in California. My flight left at 12:30 and landed at 21:00 in LA, where Rick came to pick me up.