10/1996 USA and Mexico

14 – 29 October 1996


Rick picked me up at LAX and together we went to Don and Carol.

This was on October 14th 1996. The following days we traveled together:

  • Oct. 15th: went to visit some friends from my first trip to LA in 1991. Some of them moved, others we were able to find, although I did not have my adress book with me.
  • Oct. 16th: went to San Diego and visited friends, where we could stay overnight too.
  • Oct. 17th: for a day we went to Tijuana, Mexico. Shopping, eating and sight seeing. On the evening we were back in San Diego and listened to a “potter-preacher” in Horizon Church.
  • Oct. 19th: driving all day, from San Diego to Oregon, more then 800 miles with Rick´s car to his parents home, where I could stay for the coming week.
  • I knew his father from his visit to the ship and it was good to get to know the extended family. They took turns in order to show me their beautiful country. We did some outings, to nearby towns as well as to the nature. I helped Fred to install a washing mashine and did some gardening in grandmother´s garden. And I was blessed so much with many invitations, meeting so many good people. We had waffle and pie, lots of pizza and Chicken Burger at Wendy´s. Both grandmothers became grandmothers for me too. In Jacksonville I was able to buy some souveniers.
  • Oct. 26th: I went with the bus to Portland, where I could stay with other relatives of Rick. The reason to go there was to meet a friend from Kagoshima. Matt and his girlfriend Yokiko lived there in the meantime. Together we rented a car and went to Canon Beach on the Pacific Ocean. After 20 years I still remember this breathtaking place.

From October 29th to 30th every move was so fast and far. Early morning Alex brought me to the airport. I had one stopover in Detroit, Michigan and the next one already in Amsterdam, Holland. On October 30th I arrieved in Vienna at 10:30 and accomplished my trip around the world. I am still grateful to God, for letting me be part of MV Doulos.

After one month of orientation, God gave me a place to work and an appartement in Vienna. Coming from the “bookship”, where I worked mainly on the technical side, finaly I started to work in a bookstore, following the theme and the heart of Doulos: “Good books for all” (Gute Bücher für Alle).