Anabaptists in Austria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic


Peoplegroups who are now known as Amish, Hutterites and Mennonites have their roots in the Anabaptist movement of the 16th century. This movement started about at the same time in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and many other countries in Europe.

Beside the reformation of Luther in Germany, Calvin and Zwingli in Switzerland, today we can call the Anabaptists as the “third branch of reformation”.

Because of persecution they had to move all over Europe to escape their hunters. For a short time in history they found a save place to stay in Southern Moravia. Leonard from Liechtenstein was the Count of Mikulov and invited the Anabaptists to his Land. After a few decades they had to leave again and move on to Slovakia, Romania and to the Ukraine. From there they left Europe for Northern America, Australia and New Zealand.


If you learn history in an European school, you might not get to know any of this Story. Only lately there is a group of people, who is doing resarch on this topic.

Mikulov Castle today

Mikulov Castle today

And, Mikulov seems to be again a place of great Information. In the castle of Mikulov, you hear the story of the Liechtenstein-Family, including their relation to the Anabaptist movement. Balthasar Hubmaier and Jacob Hutter where among the leading persons. To be a leader in the church ment in the 16th century to die in young age.

Museum for Anabaptism in Lower Austria

Museum for Anabaptism in Lower Austria

In Austria there is already a museum about Anabaptism and many more public sites are recognised to have connections to the “third branch of reformation”.

Habansky museum in Vel´ke Levare, Slovakia

Habansky museum in Vel´ke Levare, Slovakia

In Slovakia there are at least 2 villages where you find original houses made by Hutterites.



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