my first e-mails

The first e-mail to Germany came officially in 1984. For me personally the age of e-mails came in May 1996.

That time I was working as the fireman on MV Doulos and we were on the way from Kuching to Kota Kinabalu. On May 8th the young IT-team trained us how to write and send e-mails.


This happened in the Library, below the bridge. We had already 8 computers there to write letters and search in the just arriving Internet.

On May 08th 1996 I wrote my first e-mails. The very first went to Susan in New York, the next ones to Edwin, John and Gilgian. The next day, May 09th 1996 I wrote to Jutta and Colin, May 10th to Pedro. All of them were former colleagues and friends from the ships ministry.

The first answer by e-mail came from Susan on May 10th 1996, Pedro followed on May 15th and Colin on May 25th.

Today it seems incredible to keep record on every e-mail I write or receive. But 20 years ago it was something real special, on May 08th in 1996.



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