Mia Casa in Yerevan


End of June I went to stay at Hotel Mia Casa in Yerevan, a hotel which I can recomend to you very much. The shuttle service from the airport went well, the welcome at the reception very friendly, even though it was 3 o´clock in the night. From the outside it looks like visiting someone in a private home. And that´s maybe the idea of Mia Casa. Everything shall look like and feel like coming home, or coming to visit friends. That´s why the reception staff doesn´t wear uniform but casual clothing. The ceremony of breakfast feels like in a very friendly “Bed & Breakfast”, getting to know the always smiling kitchen staff. At first there was only instant coffee, which was a small shortage for coffee lovers. By asking about this, we were offered “Armenien coffee” immediately, and for the coming days without asking. When we experienced this, we noticed, that we could announce all our concerns. By talking about tours, we set the condition, that we would only go with an english speaking driver. So we ended up, making tours with Karen, the manager of the hotel. 2 filled days with many sightseeing around the country were on the agenda. We could ask many questions about the history and life today in Armenia. A big surprise was a coffee-picknick on a mountain road. Thank you Karen for this wonderful tours. When our flight to Tbilisi was canceled, again we found help at the hotel Mia Casa. So we realy can say that “Mia Casa in Yerevan is mia casa in Yerevan”. My house in Yerevan, that I hope to visit again soon.


The cleanliness of the rooms, the comfort and the equipment was well organized. When I needed onetime shavers, they had them at the reception, which a 5 Star hotel on the same trip did not have. I appreciatet the location of the hotel also with 10 points, because it is realy near the center. Only you have to be careful, from where you leave the center. The closest way is maybe from the Sayat Nova Avennue. We once made a mistake to walk from the Alek Manukyan Street, where there was lots of traffic, which would not have been necessary.

Hm, i did not take a photo from the hotel. Maybe because normaly I do not take fotos from my apartment too … Mia Casa 🙂

But I will add some photos from beautiful Armenia.







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